Why Choose an Oasis Hat Box?

Pink - Symphony Lined Oasis® Flower Hat Boxes

As one of the United Kingdoms favourite wholesale hat box suppliers you can imagine that we have a lot of information about the oasis hat box. So, why choose an oasis hat box? That is what we will be answering in this very article and what we can do for you in the way of customisation and delivery. So, grab a cup of tea and sit back, relax and read on about everything you need to know about oasis hat boxes.

All the information you need about the product

The oasis hat boxes are a luxury and stylish way for your customers to receive your products, they might be flowers, chocolates, toys, whatever you think of it will work. Here at Rose Box Supplies, we have a huge range of different colours for you to choose from as there is an option for any season or occasion that you can think of.

Sold in three different sizes, these oasis hat boxes are perfect for any gift or high end product you wish to place within them. See the approximate sizes below:

Small oasis hat box approximate size: 14.7cm x 11.4cm

Medium oasis hat box approximate size: 17.2cm x 13cm

Large oasis hat box approximate size: 19.7cm x 14.5cm

There are also several benefits which include but are not limited to:

All of our oasis hat boxes are complete with a rigid, waterproof liner which protects against damp and mould.

All of the oasis hat boxes are recyclable, which helps the environment with each purchase.

Oasis hat boxes are made from FSC certified cardboard.

Sizes all stack within each other making them easy for storage purposes

Grey - Symphony Lined Oasis® Flower Hat Boxes

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