The best way to present preserved roses wholesale

Gold - Sheen Round Lined Oasis® Flower Hat Boxes

Many people ask what is the best way to present preserved roses wholesale? That question is on the tip of the tongue for many that want to ship out their roses to clients or loved ones, however, we have the answer for you. It is indeed through our incredible hat boxes that you can present your preserved roses wholesale across the country.

Why Hat Boxes?

Grey - Symphony Lined Oasis® Flower Hat Boxes

Another question that you will probably be asking if you’ve taken a look through our website is why hat boxes? Well, when it comes to presenting preserved roses wholesale, a hat box is a stylish and trendy way to present your preserved roses wholesale and any other gifts that you might want to include within this premier hat box.

We also have a wide range of different choices. From size to colour, you can find all of our options on our website but to break it down for you here the colours and sizes.

Colour choices – Black, Grey, Pink, Silver, White

Sizes – Small 14.7cm x 11.4cm. Medium 17.2cm x 13cm. Large 19.7cm x 14.5cm.

There are many more benefits to these incredible hat boxes which can contain preserved roses wholesale. For instance, all of the boxes stack easily within each other making storage not an issue at all. All of these boxes have a waterproof, ridged lining that protects the box from damage. They are also made form FSC certified cardboard and recyclable!

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Pink - Symphony Lined Oasis® Flower Hat Boxes

There are many different ways to get in touch with us here at Rosebox Supplies and the choice is yours.

The first way to get in contact with us is to go through our website and use our contact us page. There you can fill out the form provided and we will get back to you via call or email, just specify how you would like to be contacted in the text box on the aforementioned form.

Another way would be to pick up your phone and call us on 01625 830 713 and one of our incredibly helpful team members will help you with any questions or your order.

The final way would be to use the email address on our website to get in touch with us directly. You can find it plastered all over our website but for those just reading this article it is trade@roseboxsupplies.co.uk. This is where you can email us about any issues you might be having or questions.